MUSIC Software Licencing Options

With the latest release of music we have a number of licensing options available.

1) Single Computer Licence – One user, one computer

  • This is the standard (or basic) licence type. On first install and run it will require a license code to be entered at which point the software becomes locked to that particular user and computer. 
  • Suitable for a single user that will always use music on the same computer.

2) Single User USB Dongle – One user, multiple computers

  • This is a license built into a USB dongle. It means the music software can be installed on any number of computers and will work when the USB dongle is connected to the computer.
  • Suitable for two light users or for a single user that needs to use the software from different computers.

3) Network USB Dongle – Multiple users, multiple computers

  • This is a multiple seat network license controlled by a USB dongle connected into a central licensing server on your network. This option allows the music software to be installed on as many machines as you like and limits the number of concurrent users to the amount of seats purchased. 
  • Suitable for a network environment with typically five or more users.
  • This provides great flexibility and simplifies license tracking and management.
4) Single Computer Short term Rental Licence – One user, one computer, limited term
  • This is differs from the Single Computer Licence in being a term (rather than perpetual) licence. 
  • Less expensive than the Single Computer Licence.
  • Suitable for a user that only requires MUSIC for a short time, e.g. to complete a contract, and who does not expect to use MUSIC after that.
Discounts on these options are available for multiple licence orders and for licences bundled with MUSIC training.

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If you need to recover your licence key then login to our licensing homepage ( and navigate to 'View/Downloads'.

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