How do I install MUSIC?

When you have downloaded the installer from the eWater Licensing site, locate the executable file in the directory where your downloaded files are saved (usually the desktop). Double-click on the icon, and it will launch the installation wizard.

When the setup wizard launches, select ‘Run’.

NOTE: If installing a hardware locked (HL) version of MUSIC, do NOT have the HL inserted in your USB drive while installing.  Only insert HL once install completed.

You should carefully follow the instructions provided as where requested review and respond to the license agreement question.

You will also be prompted for information relating to the person and company the software is registered to. At each step you will need to click ‘Next’ after following any instructions on the page.

When prompted for the setup type, ensure ‘Complete’ is ticked and click ‘Next’:

Once the setup wizard has completed, MUSIC will be installed on your machine. You can then launch the program by clicking the new ‘MUSIC’ icon on your desktop

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