Does MUSICX have any new capability or science?

This question answers several questions around new functionality and incorporating new technology or science, such as the type of contaminants, sediment and nutrient models, rainfall-runff models, treatment methods and new science.

MUSICX has the same underlying science and capability as MUSIC 6.3, including types of contaminants, treatment nodes, source nodes, rainfall-runoff and infiltration models.

eWater is a not-for-profit, Government-owned company, tasked with the ongoing development and adoption of Australia’s hydrology modelling tools. All our revenue, from licences, support and maintenance agreements and project work are re-invested into maintaining and improving our tools.

Over time, we envision that together with the MUSIC user community we will add new science and capability through the creation of plugins. Similar to our approach for developing the Source platform, we will work with the MUSIC community to identify priority areas and opportunities to co-invest in projects that support the ongoing development of MUSICX. Potential areas for plugin development include:

·        new contaminants

·        customized pollutant generation algorithms

·        new treatment types, such as a separate treatment pit

·        reflect the seasonality of nutrient treatment

·        additional rainfall-runoff models

We recognize the importance of gaining widespread acceptance from the MUSIC community on how to best include new features. Plugins will allow the community to test new approaches and treatments, from which we can work together to determine the best approach for representing new science and capability in MUSICX.

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