Compatibility between MUSICX and MUSIC 6.3 and transitioning to MUSICX

This answers several questions related to compatibility.

eWater established a Technical Panel of MUSIC experts to guide the development of MUSICX. In collaboration with the Technical Panel we undertook extensive testing to ensure that results from MUSIC 6.3 are reproducible in MUSICX, this included regression testing by eWater’s hydrologists and members of the Expert Panel set up to advise on the development of MUSICX.

MUSIC 6.3 files (.msf) can be imported to MUSICX. When you import MUSIC 6.3 to MUSICX you will need to configure climate data. MUSICX accepts a variety of data formats including; .mlb (MUSIC meteorological template file), .csv, .txt and .dat.

MUSIC 6.3 cannot import MUSICX files.  

MUSICX is a major change to the software. We know that some of our community need time to learn the new features and transition to MUSICX. To ease the transition, MUSIC 6.3 remains available for use and eWater will continue to provide support services.

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