How to display the numbers of days with / without runoff in MUSIC ?

Reducing the number of days of runoff (out of tank, for example) is a guideline being used more often.

At the moment you cannot directly do this within MUSIC, but there is an easy way to workaround:
  • When your simulation is run, right click on the node you are interested in (the rainwater tank, for example)
  • Click on "Export (to MS Excel, ES ...)"
  • Select the relevant timestep (probably daily) and the relevant data you want to export (in that case this is probably the outflow)
  • Save the file wherever suits you (Tip: if you are using version 5, and you don't want to export a .txt file, just add .csv at the end of the file which is a format convenient to process the file in Excel).
You can then open the file in Excel and will have a daily flow time series that will let you know how many days a year there is a runoff (out of your tank, or any other node).

NOTE: This functionality is in the work plan for the next version of MUSIC.  Please let us know if you would like it sooner.

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