Configuring network computers to access HASP USB dongle licenses

These settings should be used when configuring computers on a network to access software licenses over the network.

Accessing the USB Dongle Interface:

You can access the USB dongle interface through any client machine once the software has been installed. The URL is http://localhost:1947/ which should should open the interface through a web browser. If the interface does not open it may indicate either the software has not been installed, is the wrong version or that the drivers for the USB Dongle have not been installed correctly. In this case a reinstall is recommended.

The interface displays settings for how the computer should look for the USB dongle. A specific server name or address can be entered via the 'configuration' option on the left.

Setting aggressive search:

In cases where the licensing server is on a different subnet setting the search to 'aggressive' can help the machine locate and connect to it. The tickbox for this is located in the configuration menu under the 'Access to Remote License Managers' tab.

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