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  1. "Uninstall these apps" message when upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

  2. Accessing additional rainfall data sets

  3. Are there special licenses or discounts available for students?

  4. Beta Vs Production release

  5. Compatibility between MUSICX and MUSIC 6.3 and transitioning to MUSICX

  6. Configuring network computers to access HASP USB dongle licenses

  7. Do secondary links exist in MUSICX?

  8. Does MUSICX have any new capability or science?

  9. Does MUSICX have Source functionality like inbuilt calibration and optimisation?

  10. Does MUSICX have the ability to model sub-timestep scale routing along MUSIC links?

  11. Does the flow transfer function within a generic node still ‘loose’ water from the model, or can I now account for this ‘lost’ water within a secondary link?

  12. Has the "edit all nodes of this type" functionality been retained?

  13. Has the MUSIC 6.3 bug relating to a maximum custom storage depth within a wetland been fixed

  14. Have extra routing models been added other than ‘none’, ‘translation’ and ‘muskingum-cunge’ that are in MUSIC 6.3?

  15. Have the source node input properties been changed from MUSIC 6.3 or are many of the Source nodes still the same (residential, commercial, industrial) with the only variation in the nodes being their name?

  16. How can unique or local conditions be incorporated?

  17. How do I get access to version 6 ?

  18. How do I install MUSIC?

  19. How do I write a plugin?

  20. How does the program know how to read the rainfall xls? Does it need to be in particular column etc. or can it work it out for itself?

  21. How to display the numbers of days with / without runoff in MUSIC ?

  22. I am using a typical urban loading to model the treatment. Do I need to adjust my pollutant parameter loadings due to the catchment area (roof and canopies)?

  23. I have installed Source (Public Version) but the file will not load because the data file is of an older version of Source.

  24. I have registered on the toolkit site but cannot download Source (Public Version).

  25. I have several tanks: what about re-use ?

  26. I went to the website but I can't download the software.

  27. I’d like to find out more about the Source community

  28. I’d like to get some training on Source – can you let me know what my options are?

  29. I’d like to purchase a Source support and maintenance package – can you tell me what is included?

  30. Import rainfall data into music

  31. Is it possible to copy and paste nodes and links within and between scenarios?

  32. Is music compatible with 64-bit windows systems?

  33. Is MUSIC-link available?

  34. Is the software compatible with Mac operating systems?

  35. Licensing, pricing and support

  36. Loading Current Projects into Source (Public Version)

  37. MUSIC Software Licencing Options

  38. My music model doesn’t run.

  39. My MUSIC-link report takes a very long time to be generated.

  40. Peak flow reduction shows negative values

  41. Previous versions of MUSIC were not well accepted for use in WA due to unique soil conditions in the Swan Coastal Plain. Will MUSIC X be compatible for use in WA?

  42. Source Community Plugin

  43. Using Source: Troubleshooting and FAQs

  44. We're looking at implementing version control for our models, how will that work with Source projects?

  45. What are the main benefits of MUSICX versus MUSIC 6.3.0?

  46. What new opportunities will MUSICX support?

  47. What's new in music?

  48. When a file is sent to a regulator to review, will it include the met-data or will they have to specify it separately?

  49. When modelling Complex Catchments my PC runs out of memory

  50. When you run a grassed swale in MUSIC 6.3 it has 100% removal efficiency for gross pollutants. The performance of the swale is also the same, regardless of whether it is 2% grade or 15% grade. Is this fixed in MUSICX?

  51. Where are the manuals / documentation for Source?

  52. Will music run on a mac operating system?

  53. Will Source run projects stored on a sharepoint or will the project need to be copied to a local disc first?

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