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  1. "Uninstall these apps" message when upgrading from Windows 8 to Windows 8.1

  2. Accessing additional rainfall data sets

  3. Are there special licenses or discounts available for students?

  4. Configuring network computers to access HASP USB dongle licenses

  5. How do I get access to version 6 ?

  6. How do I install MUSIC?

  7. How to display the numbers of days with / without runoff in MUSIC ?

  8. I am using a typical urban loading to model the treatment. Do I need to adjust my pollutant parameter loadings due to the catchment area (roof and canopies)?

  9. I have installed Source (Public Version) but the file will not load because the data file is of an older version of Source.

  10. I have registered on the toolkit site but cannot download Source (Public Version).

  11. I have several tanks: what about re-use ?

  12. I went to the website but I can't download the software.

  13. Import rainfall data into music

  14. Is it possible to copy and paste nodes and links within and between scenarios?

  15. Is music compatible with 64-bit windows systems?

  16. Is the software compatible with Mac operating systems?

  17. I’d like to find out more about the Source community

  18. I’d like to get some training on Source – can you let me know what my options are?

  19. I’d like to purchase a Source support and maintenance package – can you tell me what is included?

  20. Loading Current Projects into Source (Public Version)

  21. MUSIC Software Licencing Options

  22. My music model doesn’t run.

  23. My MUSIC-link report takes a very long time to be generated.

  24. Peak flow reduction shows negative values

  25. Source Community Plugin

  26. Using Source: Troubleshooting and FAQs

  27. We're looking at implementing version control for our models, how will that work with Source projects?

  28. What's new in music?

  29. When modelling Complex Catchments my PC runs out of memory

  30. Where are the manuals / documentation for Source?

  31. Will music run on a mac operating system?

  32. Will Source run projects stored on a sharepoint or will the project need to be copied to a local disc first?

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